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"A couple of weeks ago I read in our local newspaper about the Fitness Maniacs “Ultimate 12 Week Body Transformation Challenge”. I was obviously very sceptical but I was determined to enrol and try change my lifestyle. I arrived at Fitness Maniacs overweight and out of shape - a true couch potato who loved food and hated exercise. But, I knew it was time for a change and Fitness Maniacs sounded like just the cure. What I was really looking for was something to jump start me into better fitness and eating habits. What could be better than twelve weeks of intense fitness training under the guidance of experienced trainers? And the classes were great! The variety of activities and pace of the class that I attended twice weekly made the hour training session fly past. Don't get me wrong, it was a lot of hard work.

Brenna, Jason and Dean pushed me harder than I would ever push myself working out alone, but they also allowed for the individual abilities of each participant. It didn't matter that I was the slowest or the weakest. What mattered is that I worked at and improved at everything, and the results are impressive. During the twelve weeks, I lost eleven kilograms.

I lost 35cm over my entire body. Plus, I have more energy than ever. Best of all, it has given me just the boost I was looking to attain. I'm now eating better, sleeping better, and exercising regularly. I have the hope and belief that I can continue my new fitness habits and my journey to a leaner and healthier me.

Thank you Fitness Maniacs for the Kick up the Butt!!!".



Ed"Never in my life did I ever think that I would be writing anything for a website that had the word “fitness” in its title. But here I am doing just that. A year ago whilst at a braai, drinking and eating, I heard about how there was this thing called Fitness Maniacs that would involve participating in a 1 hour BootCamp 12 Week Challenge. As usual, as one does, I responded by commenting, give me the brochure so that I can have a look at it. Knowing all too well that I probably wouldn’t do anything about it. Well, by Monday morning I had Wendy phoning me telling me that I had been registered and we were starting on the coming Saturday. After trying to make up some excuse, I realised that my friends had signed me on.

Arriving at the first session was hectic! We (us big boned people) never realise just how big or heavy you are until you step onto that dreaded thing called a scale. After that first session I wasn’t sure if I was going to survive or be 2 friends short, after I killed them. Well, my friends are still alive and this has turned out to be the best decision that has ever been made for me. Only after the first couple of sessions do you realise just how out of shape and unfit you are. I hobbled around for the first few days with stiffness, but kept on going.
No matter how stiff you are, just keep on going and block out the pain. As the trainers will tell us all, it’s only 1 hour of your life. And yes, don’t let the pretty little smile fool you, you are allowed to swear and call your trainers all kinds of horrible names, but only in your head. After all they are there to assist and help you.


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"All I can say is that this challenge has had the most positive effect on my life, but let me start at the beginning. I feel the biggest reason for signing-up was that I needed to make a change in my life, routine, eating habits and without a doubt fitness levels.

It was with a great amount of trepidation, nervousness and the fear of the unknown that I signed-up for The Challenge and arrived for my first group session at the gym. Only after that initial session did I realise how out of shape I was and how my eating and exercising habits had deteriorated, and were practically non-existent. Well, if there was one piece of advice I could give anyone partaking in The Challenge is that you need to be 100% motivated and committed to the programme, and that is exactly how I decided to tackle this challenge. After the first week of following the eating plan together with the exercise plan provided and seeing the benefits of losing what I term a fairly significant amount of weight, this was all the motivation I needed. It is difficult at first but by getting into a set routine from the start, it has made the challenge much easier to manage as well as the enjoyment that I have derived from being a participant. As the weeks have passed by, I have seen a significant change in myself some of these being fitter, seeing your physical shape starting to change and I feel as important, especially in all our busy lives and routines, being far less stressed about life and trivial issues in general.
As I near the end of my 12 Week Fitness Challenge and transformation, I can confirm that this is the best thing that I have done for myself in recent years and have found myself wishing I had undertaken a challenge earlier on in my life. It's never is too late to start and through the fantastic support from the organisers, personal trainers and other staff as well as their advice, ongoing motivation and above all making this challenge fun, I can proudly say that I have surpassed the goals that I had set for myself. I am a different person today and most definitely for the better but as we near the completion of The Challenge, I find myself looking to the future and planning how I am going to continue on my journey to remain fit, healthy and enjoy life to the fullest. I am looking forward to continuing my exercise regime and striving to improve who and what I have become.
My sincere thanks goes to everyone involved in my transformation and helping me, and motivating me along the way. This is certainly a challenge I would recommend to anyone wanting to make a change in their life".
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