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"I am a cautionary tale; a walking cliché if you will. Fitness magazines and supplement companies love me because I’m lazy and looking for a shortcut to my youth. I’m a former personal trainer that now pays for one, a former athlete that still has 4.40 speed and a wicked right cross (in my own mind)... I’m the guy in pre-midlife crisis that yells at the Sharks that they’re slapgat and then dies after 10 minutes walking on a treadmill. Yeah, I’m that guy. Even worse, I’m the guy that finished 2nd in this competition in November of 2011 at 74 kg and 6% body fat only to put 6 kg of FAT back on by May!

Immediately following my first competition I took a ‘break’ while on vacation. Next was Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year - which became my new target to get back to training. Soon it was March and work was to blame because of entertaining, or travel, or whatever the excuse de jour happened to be. Bottom line is, in less than six months I’d destroyed everything I’d worked for. I couldn’t remember how good my success felt, only the work that it took to get there. To make matters worse, I had no idea how far I’d fallen – in fact I don’t remember ever being the guy in my before photo! That’s the danger having loving friends and family that accept you for who you are in that they won’t always tell you it’s time to make a change.

Fortunately, my friends have no such issues when it comes to speaking their minds. In May a group of them decided that daily self-loathing and avoiding mirrors wasn’t going to cut it anymore and joined the competition and they dragged me with. It was the beginning, I was committed, more like the chicken than the pig, but over-time I started feeling the results. Then I started seeing them".

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"What started out as a 'fun' personal transformation exercise turned out to be quite the challenge and competition! Thank you, Fitness Maniacs and all the sponsors for making the event possible. Thanks also to everyone who entered (without whom there would be no competition) but a special congratulations to those who completed the challenge - we all know it was not easy!

I certainly could not have done it without my support. There WILL come a time when you are just too tired to train or you sit in front of the most beautiful chocolate cake ever known to mankind! I have to thank my personal trainer, Corne Jooste of SSN/ BodyGuru, his knowledge, expertise (and patience with me) was invaluable and exemplary! Also thanking Melissa at Supershape, Sharon at Ablicious Meals BodyGuru for keeping me to that diet.

They said "It wouldn't be easy, but it would be worth it" and they were absolutely right!".


"March 2011 I was handed a flyer advertising Fitness Maniacs and how your body can be transformed over 12 weeks. My thoughts “Ya right!!!”. I was very comfortable with my body at that stage. I knew I was unfit and very much overweight, but loved my lifestyle of eating anything and everything and doing nothing. I looked for every excuse in the book why not to enroll.

Part of my job entails doing presentations to groups where I always close-off by stating: “Take care of yourself and especially your health” and realised I am preaching, but not practicing and knew it was time to make this drastic change to be an example to the groups I address. 5 Months later I went to register – still very sceptical, yet focussed on what I wanted to achieve.

It is not an easy road – it does take a lot of discipline, but if you stick to the plan you will reach your goal. I had to find a balance between training and eating and incorporated the weight loss eating plan with my daily exercising. Today, after completing 2 challenges I achieved the goals that I have set for myself. The biggest one, having lost the 20kgs I was overweight. Not only am I back to where I was 12 years ago, but I now have the energy to participate in activities with my children. I have adapted my lifestyle to such an extent that exercising and healthy eating became a part of my daily routine even if it’s just a quick 4km run in the mornings.

I look back and can only be thankful and grateful to a dedicated team that assisted me in reaching my goals. The encouragement to stay on track is absolutely priceless!!

Just another Maniac".

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