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"If I can do it so can you!!! I am the queen of diet fads… anyone who knows me can confirm that more often than not I am trying a new diet/ weight loss programme/ gym sessions or new things on the market to make me lose weight. I have read millions of testimonials to try and motivate myself but still nothing got me going. They all worked to a degree but for me they were not sustainable UNTIL I got to hear about Fitness Maniacs!!!

I was on the way to meet up with a friend of mine Tracey Stewart at the beach when another friend (previous winner of a Fitness Maniacs challenge) Lesley Rose sent me her before and after pics, she had lost soooo much weight and was looking absolutely amazing!!! I obviously sounded doubtful that I could do the same until she very boldly put me in my place and said “HEY IF I CAN DO IT SO CAN YOU”

That was it, I sent a message to Tracey who was waiting at the beach and told her we are joining Fitness Maniacs. We phoned Wendy immediately from the beach to register and the rest is history.

It’s been the best fun we have ever had losing weight and getting fit. What we like most is that you compete against yourself and that its time based so if we do 10 push ups in a minute and someone else does 30 that’s fine, no-one holds anyone back, you work totally at your own pace and there is no pressure.

For anyone out there who has tried it all, sign-up with Fitness Maniacs it really works!!!".

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