Fitness Maniacs is a 12 week Transformation Challenge that has assisted numerous people in their journeys to a better quality of life. The Transformation Challenge improves physiques as well as confidence, all due to enhanced fitness levels and improved health.

Through our 12 week challenge, not only will you improve your physique, but you may also be in line to win incredible prizes valued at R20,000 (Spring and Summer Challenge Prizes), which includes an all expenses paid 3 day cruise for 2 for the overall winner. Weekly group training sessions are run by our team of highly experienced personal trainers. Monitoring of individual training and nutritional programmes ensures that participants are making constant progress towards their desired goals.

Our programme is a structured 12 week programme, the recipe for success based on principles of sound nutrition, and a well-thought out weight training and cardio programme. Our team of highly trained, experienced personal trainers are mentors throughout the 12 week period, and regularly monitor the progress of each and every participant at regular intervals throughout the challenge. The team is as committed to your success as you are!

The Fitness Maniacs Team is goal orientated, meaning we are committed to helping each participant achieve the goals they set out to achieve at the start of the challenge. The challenge is open to all, whether you are an absolute beginner or trained athlete, man or woman, young or old!